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What We Do

Insource Healthcare Solutions is a strategic healthcare operations management company that executes customized solutions focused on identifying strategic business development opportunities, achieving quality operational, process, and clinical excellence. Insource partners with the client’s existing management team as an alternative to outsourcing management services.

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Hospital Efficiency


Insource helps identify strategic plans to include mergers and acquisitions, consolidate operations, alleviate ER congestion, eliminate patients “Left With Out Treatment” (LWOT’s), delays in door-to-doctor admissions, and lost revenue due to diversions. 

Strategic Business Development

Strategic Business

IHS is uniquely qualified to work with and within the existing management team structure to identify new “Feeder Volume” to grow market share, improve revenue generation, improve (local, regional, national & international) branding and referrals and help position institutions in ways previously thought to be unattainable.  

Medical Director and Staff Mentoring

Medical Director and
Staff Mentoring

IHS has a unique university approach to training and mentoring the ER’s leadership to achieve new levels of operational performance throughout the institution. 

Rapid Evaluation Units

Rapid Evaluation

Insource’s “systems” approach to re-engineering nursing roles and functions, the flow of the ER, and the efficient use of capacity planning (personnel and space) has resulted in unprecedented improvements across the board without changing the staffing plan of the ER. 

Convenience Care (Urgent Care) Centers

Convenience Care
(Urgent Care) Centers

With the national shortage of Primary Care Practitioners and mal-distribution of caregivers, IHS has a model of supervised Mid-Level Providers linked to the client’s ER, thus insuring access, quality, cost effectiveness and coordination of care throughout the community. 

The Insource Team

IHS is made of a group of respected and experienced individuals focused on achieving quality, operational, and clinical excellence. Meet our team and the people who create specialized healthcare management solutions that will revitalize your company’s processes and efficiency.

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