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Insource Healthcare Solutions operates Insource Urgent Care Centers as unique hybrid centers. The hybrid urgent care center model is defined as: highly flexible, offering a combination of urgent, episodic, and convenience care linked to telemedicine and an Electronic Medical Record System. Insource Urgent Care provides a full range of urgent and episodic care including, but not limited to, non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, and offers a wide array of lab tests, X-rays, suturing, minor fracture and laceration procedures. Insource Urgent Care strives to design the future of healthcare by offering quality care in a timely manner to our patients. We see patients of all ages: from pediatrics to geriatrics!



Urgent Care Center Locations

Insource Urgent Care Centers will be open 365 days a year for 12 hours per day. Walk-in, no appointments will be necessary.



Auburn, NY


Batavia, NY


Doylestown, PA


Newtown, PA


Langhorne, PA Coming Soon!







General Medical Services:

-X-Rays, Lab Testing (basic blood work), EKGs, and IV Fluids
-Immunizations and Vaccinations
-Medical Evaluations
-Physicals (school, sports, pre-employment, work-related, DOT)
-Flu Shots

Injury Care:
-Wound Repair
-Lacerations, Abrasions, and Splinters
-Fractures & Broken Bones
-Sprains, Strains, and Dislocations
-Abscess Drainage
-Cuts, Burns, and Bruises
-Eye Injuries
-Ingrown Toenails
-Back Pain
-Minor Surgical Procedures
-Colds, Coughs, Flu, and Other Viral Conditions
-Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Dehydration
-Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Asthma Attacks
-Bee Stings, Tick Bites, and Other Insect Bites
-Infections, Headaches, and Earaches
-Sore Throat
-Rashes, Poison Ivy and Sumac, and Other Allergic Reactions
Work Care / Occupational Medicine:
-DOT Physicals
-DOT Drug Testing
-Work-related Physicals
-Work-related Injuries
-Occupational Medicine
-Worker’s Compensation
-Medical Evaluations (Executive, Employment, Pre-Employment, and Return-to-Work)







Employment at one of our centers:


-Print out the employment application and submit to Director of Clinical Coordination, Greg Bush at [email protected]


-If you do not have scanning capabilities, please mail the application to:


701 Seneca Street

Suite 210

Buffalo, NY 14210



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